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          • 支持与印刷和电子资源课程。

          • 鼓励读书为乐,通过提供广泛的小说和非小说类资源信息的享受。

          • 为私人和个人学习愉快的安静的环境。

          该SCHBooks on Shelfool Library has a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and reference books to support the student curriculum, for general interest and to encourage reading for pleasure. The library facilities at RMGS give students the opportunity to obtain information from electronic and printed sources. There are fourteen computers in the Library that are all connected to the school network with Internet access.   The 图书馆 takes a wide range of periodicals including The Economist, New Scientist, Nature, The Stage, The Week, Scientific American, Focus, Sight & Sound, New Design and World Soccer. Current and recent copies of The Times, The Independent, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph are available in the library.


          学校的所有成员都库的成员,可以借阅图书。库使用 eclipse.net,计算机图书馆管理系统,编目资源和控制图书馆借书。 (注:当在学校获得eclipse.net是从开始菜单中。)


          库运行在一个Moodle的的课程,学校的虚拟学习平台,它提供了有关资源库,书评和链接的在线资源的信息。 链接上的Moodle的课程库


          The 图书馆 runs a 卡内基阴影 group every year.  The members of the group, usually from Year 8 & Year 9, read the books short-listed for the Carnegie Medal and then meet to decide which book they feel should be awarded the Carnegie Medal.

          • Ofsted Outstanding
          • PTI 20
          • Gold 科学 Mark
          • The Prince's Teaching Institute 2019
          • Secondary 地理 Quality Mark
          • Stem learning
          • unicef bronze

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